Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Sanlyn Wellness?

Sanlyn Wellness has been described by many clients over the years as being an oasis. The calming energy of the space relaxes people and they feel their worries dissipate quickly. We approach the therapy process by encompassing the mind, body and soul. The practice has been established for over 10 years and has a free parking lot for your convenience. The therapists are compassionate, empathic, well trained and professional in nature. If you are looking for advancement in your life, Sanlyn Wellness is for you.

How much does the treatment cost and do Insurance Carriers cover the therapy provided?

The clients that come to Sanlyn Wellness mostly tend to pay out of pocket. Over the years some insurance companies have paid for some therapies offered at the Centre in the form of stress management and hypnosis. Due to the nature of thousands of different policies and requirements, it is up to the client to check with their provider what may potentially be covered. Session durations differ for every individual. Contact Sanlyn Wellness to find out how the fee structure for you works. We provide receipts at the end of every session for your convenience.

Do I require a referral for Psychotherapy or Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy services?

Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy do not require a referral letter from a Medical Doctor. It is not OHIP covered. For pain management hypnosis and hypnotherapy Sanlyn Wellness requires that you be under supervision of a Medical Doctor at the same time.

What is the difference between Psychotherapy, Psychology and Psychiatry?

Psychotherapy is an interactive relationship between a trained/registered psychotherapist and a client to provide tools to help them cope with life issues.

Psychology is the in depth study of the mind and understanding various forms of behaviour. It focuses on all aspects of human experience from brain analysis to societal standards and values.

Psychiatry is a physician (M.D.) who is licensed in treating mental disorders using the DSM Manual of Diagnostic Criteria. They and some other physicians are the only mental health professionals who may diagnose and simultaneously prescribe medications to patients.

Psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP if you are not a trained medical doctor. Lynton Friedman has a basic understanding of the DSM manual of Diagnostic Assessments. However, he is not licensed to administer testing and diagnosing of disorders. Psychologists and Psychiatrists are licensed to cover these diagnoses. Psychologists are M.A. or PhD trained, Psychiatrists are M.D. and most Psychotherapists usually have at least an equivalent of a university Masters Level training. Anybody using the title “psychotherapist” has to be registered, or in the process of registering with The College of Psychotherapists of Ontario. Lynton Friedman is a Registered Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy (as of April 1 2015) is now legislated in Ontario under the Psychotherapy Act. The College of Psychotherapists of Ontario is fully active, therefore some insurance companies may cover practitioners’ registration numbers.

What is your location?

We are located at 7626 Yonge Street, Thornhill: a few kilometres North of Finch Subway Station (a short 10 minute VIVA bus ride). Regular VIVA Bus services are available to get you here. Many of our clients come from Downtown Toronto using public transport. If you’re coming by car, there is a 80-car free parking lot at the back of the building that you can utilise.

Can I be Hypnotized against my will?

Therapeutic hypnosis requires that the client consent to the process beforehand. Therefore you are voluntarily choosing to go through this procedure. It is important to remember that you are in control. You cannot do anything that you feel is against your will in Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Will I forget everything when I am in Hypnosis?

Therapeutic hypnosis has been given a bad image by stage hypnotism. Sanlyn Wellness has never had a client who did not remember what occurred during Hypnosis. Your Hypnosis sessions are actually more heightened, you are more alert and in control than in your normal waking state.

Can Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy cure my depression and anxiety with one session?

Hypnosis can be highly effective in as little as 1 – 3 sessions for a stop smoking program, however it is not a magic act and we cannot cure long- term depression or anxiety in one session. These issues are deeply rooted and it will take a period of time to find the triggers and root out the issues you are experiencing.

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