Chakra Therapy

Energy Healing & Clearing of energetic blockages

Chakra in Ancient Sanskrit translates to circle or wheel. Chakra Balancing is part of Integrated Energy Healing body. This spectrum encompasses New Age Therapy and focuses on how the auric and spiritual bodies express repressed emotions.

Auric and Spiritual bodies are energies that we all transmit throughout different frequencies. Depending on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state, there can be blockages in the overall flow of the aforementioned states. This can result in an imbalance in your overall well-being.

Due to the nature of the chakra blockages, light touching on the clients’ fully clothed body is used for this technique. (Prior consent is required). Chakra Therapy has been shown to reduce pain, decrease stress and facilitate wellness in a 3-5 session timeframe.

Not to be mistaken for Chiropractic or Registered Massage Therapy sessions, any form of Chakra Balancing, Body Psychotherapy or Integrated Energy Healing at Sanlyn Wellness does not involve any manipulation of clients’ bones, muscles or soft tissue. Blockages in the core energy chakras can have a pronounced negative effect in moving forward in many areas of ones life. By opening up these blockage centres, the energies within ones body can flow more easily and directly creating clarity and purpose. It is usually relaxing, gentle and a non-invasive process.

Our qualifications

  • A wide knowledge of human development with an emphasis on Spiritual Psychotherapy and Integrated Energy Healing

Chakra Therapy stages for Therapeutic Benefits

  • Intuitive awareness.
  • Chakra Therapy goes through a number of stages for therapeutic benefits
  • Discussion and identification of the core issues prior to the chakra touching
  • Locating the blockages
  • Clearing of the energy centre blockage
  • Discussion with the client about the blocked chakra centres

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