Identifying core issues through a process of unfolding the layers of emotions.

Psychotherapy is an interactive relationship between the trained/registered psychotherapist and the client by providing the tools to help them cope with life issues. Used as a tool, a patient can be guided to understand set patterns of their behaviours, roles and defenses by means of compassion. Through listening, suggestions, reassurance and insights are provided by learning to trust one’s intuition or gut instinct. This allows the clients or groups to visualize themselves and their issues more realistically and develop a desire to cope with them more effectively.

At Sanlyn Wellness Centre in Toronto, our approach is to thoughtfully, creatively and gently identify the core issues through a process of unfolding the layers of emotions. This allows the client to discover their voice, prioritize and gain the courage to deal with their specific issues.

Having over 10 years of Psychotherapy & Private Practice experience in Toronto, and helping clients understand their turmoil, Sanlyn Wellness integrates a number of Psychotherapy and Psychology systems to maximize session time. The systems are as follows:

Psychodynamic Therapy

This stream follows Depth Psychology and deals most importantly with the conscious/unconscious memories of a client’s overall psyche. It reveals repressed issues and eliminates built up psychic tension. Freudian Psychoanalysis and Jungian Theory are both greatly influenced in our method. This form of Psychotherapy is much less intensive than traditional in depth Psychoanalysis. Hypnotherapy can be integrated with this modality for maximum resolution.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is a method to identify distorted cognition, beliefs and reactions. It can be an effective short-term Psychotherapy tool. By definition it can help intellectualize how we think about issues and thoughts that can affect how we feel emotionally. It zones in on our present thinking, behaviours and communication skills rather than aspects of our past. It is designed to reframe thoughts and is not as in-depth as Psychodynamic Theory. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can be more successful when done in conjunction with Hypnotic suggestions for belief and thought change.

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Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Often in Western psychology circles the Spirit is neglected. Effective healing takes place at the apex of the mind, body and the soul. This method utilizes spiritual consciousness and works to describe, integrate and understand the spiritual dimension within the context of present and contemporary psychological theories. Meditation is a good complement to this method.

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Body Psychotherapy

The belief that the mind, body and spirit are whole has roots in Freudian Psychology. The body’s energy patterns can store childhood memories. Body language, psychosomatic behaviour and emotional expression can be extracted during these sessions. This alternative modality is excellent when coupled with Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Healing and other Integrated Energy Healing methods. This method requires hands on touch with informed consent of the client.

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Applications of Psychotherapy

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Anger Management
  • Perfectionism & Procrastination
  • Relationship & Marriage Counselling
  • Phobias & Fears
  • Family Issues

  • Confidence Development
  • Addictions
  • Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuse
  • Sexuality Issues
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Dream Personification/Interpretations
  • Loss of Identity & Life Purpose

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