Group Therapy

Several clients meet with one therapist at the same time.

This is a process in which several clients meet with one therapist at the same time. The group feels comfortable, secure through the confidentiality amongst the members as trust is built over the duration of the sessions. At first working within a group of strangers may seem to present more barriers than positive benefits. However, after a few sessions it becomes quite clear that the group format works to the individuals’ advantage. You get to understand other participants issues and can learn from them as well as understand that your issues as not as dire as previously felt.

Group Therapy is based on group discussions and interactions, which make the sessions as powerful as they are. One can feel enlightened to verbally assist another member and see and feel a perspective of their own self-worth. In reverse, other members have the opportunity to provide a more supportive role to you in conjunction with the guidance of the therapist. The therapy process varies is approximately 2 hours in length and has a short break in between. Some groups can be specifically set to deal with a common concern, such as addictions.

Other groups can be tailored to deal with everyday life concerns. Effective groups usually meet once a week for a 6-12 week time frame. Sanlyn Wellness therapists have been trained and additionally experienced the individual and the group therapy sessions. We are always open to suggestions for different group topics that connect to you and are beneficial to you. Group Therapy offers the individual a more cost-effective session. The session is divided by all members as a mechanism for a multitude of positive reinforcement.

  • Applications

    • Stress Management
    • Work / Relationship Issues
    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Anger Management
    • Phobias & Fears
    • Spiritual Guidance

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