Welcome to SanLyn Wellness Centre

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Sanlyn Wellness = Balance, Growth & Advancement

Visit Sanlyn Wellness Centre for guidance with anxiety, quitting smoking, stress management, depression, anger management and addictions. Located on Yonge Street in pristine Old Thornhill, Sanlyn Wellness been open since 2005.  The centre blends a Clinical and Enhanced Complementary Holistic Alternative approach.

Sanlyn’s therapeutic emphasis encompasses self awareness and transformation using

Some specialties and areas of focus most seeked out by clients for habit change:

  • HYPNOSIS - Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Phobias (Flying & Public Speaking), Perfectionism
  • HYPNOTHERAPY - Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem Building, Stress Management
  • PSYCHOTHERAPY - Individual & Couples Counselling, Relationship Issues, Anger Management, Grief/Bereavement
  • GROUP THERAPY - Anxiety, Addictions, Depression, Self Help Workshops
  • CHAKRA THERAPY - Energy Therapy & Body Psychotherapy
  • PAST LIFE THERAPY - Focusing on Present Life Blocks
  • SPIRITUAL LIFE GUIDANCE - Intuitive Counselling & Non-Denominational Spiritual Healing

Sanlyn Wellness has created a therapeutic model that is client centric. We work together with your issues, set realistic and achievable goals. Through exploration of fears, blocks and unhealthy habits, we attempt at forming new insights. This causes long term change and as a result you feel positively centred and in full control of your life.

A number of Toronto based doctors and psychiatrists send their patients to the Centre for a wide variety of issues resulting in a high rate of success.

  • Smoking Cessation - Clients stop smoking 25 cigarettes per day in as little as 1- 3 session
  • Weight Loss - Over 80% success rate with an emphasis on the underlying issues of emotional eating
  • Addictions - Successfully used Hypnotherapy to keep a number of drug addicts clean during the critical relapse period
  • Panic/Anxiety & Depression - Anchoring techniques and breathing exercises with positive reduction in the symptoms
  • Stress Reduction/Pain Management - Migraines, TMJ, irritable bowel syndrome with 75% improvement. Doctor supervision required
  • Fears & Phobias - Cleared transportation phobias and public speaking/shyness within 3 -5 sessions
  • Self Esteem - Improved levels of confidence by successive positive reinforcement

Sanlyn Wellness understands the importance of the setting and establishes the mood of the therapy process. The space is warm, peaceful, comfortable, safe, secure and welcoming. Sessions are geared for individual, couples and groups.

CONFIDENTIALITY is of the utmost importance in our line of work, bound by strong moral ethics and principles from the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners and the National Guild of Hypnotists