Addiction: Successes

13 Nov Addiction: Successes

Addictions have many faces.  There is activity addiction which includes things such as; Pornography, gaming and excessive exercising, while there is ingestive addictions such as; Alcohol, drugs and food.  Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness is not a medical doctor.  The function of the Centre is not to deal directly with the physiological withdrawals of addiction, however to be an adjunct support network to helping clients see the issues and path that have taken them to the space of becoming addicted to a substance or activity.

One of the ways Lynton has had success in the past is getting the client to see that often there is secrecy and enabling behaviour that goes into the addictive process.  Not every addiction has an enabler, that being a person who encourages the behaviour, however more so from our experience there seems to be one.  Lynton Friedman is not a Clinical Medical Addiction Specialists, however he has been trained in addictions theory.  Sanlyn Wellness uses Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques which are excellent in finding triggers and reducing the impulses.

When clients have addictions, the underlying consistent factor across most client cases has been the numbing out effect of a situation or memory in their life.  Much of Sanlyn Wellness successes has come with intensive peeling away of layers of emotions to find the root cause which ultimately creates the effect, being the behaviour.  Psychotherapy is excellent to do this.  There have to be very good listening skills on the part of the therapist to catch the cues to look for and ultimately shift the behaviour.  Once these cues are in the forefront, Hypnotherapy can be used to reduce the impulse and reframe the situations being presented through the Psychotherapeutic process.

"Hypnotherapy is fundamental in creating visualizations that are long lasting and associated to reducing the desire for the activity or substance. One success story was a client who needed to stay clean from a hard drug for the critical 7 month relapse period. After a few sessions which mixed the above two techniques together, a visualization of a superhero who had the ability much like Spiderman to shoot webs out of his hands causing him to stick to the wall was placed into the subconscious. This particular suggestion was the one that kept this individual from seeking drugs and allowing him to clean up his life and move into a better space. "

Lynton Friedman has created a relaxed space in Sanlyn Wellness to allow the clients to feel safe and secure.  The empathic and calming approach to his work creates a space of trust and a letting go of negative control by the clients.  This is core to healing and stopping Addictions.  Sanlyn Wellness does not claim to completely guarantee an elimination of the behaviour, however there has been high success rates in reducing cravings and support structures to allow the clients to focus their energies into more positively channeled areas of their lives.

If you are looking to overcome an Addiction and are intrigued by how Hypnotherapy can benefit you, call or email Sanlyn Wellness and Lynton will be more than glad to answer your questions for you.

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