Panic, Anxiety & Depression: Successes

25 Nov Panic, Anxiety & Depression: Successes

Having over 11 years of counselling experience which includes working at a Toronto based Psychiatrists office, Lynton Friedman has seen a number of clients with varying degrees of Anxiety & Depression, ranging from mild feelings of being out of control to full blown panic attacks with physiological sensations.  It is important to clarify that at Sanlyn Wellness, the practitioner is not a Psychologist nor a Psychiatrist and is therefore not allowed to diagnose disorders, prescribe medication or provide psychological assessments to clients.  Sanlyn Wellness function is to use Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Energy based modalities such as Chakra Therapy to provide another avenue where clients can come and express how they feel in a safe environment and reduce their symptoms.

One of the biggest factors for the success and reduction of symptoms is that the person feels comfortable and is given the choice as to which type of therapy would be best suited to them. Lynton is effective in the initial session at educating and explaining all the different techniques and tools available for the Anxiety & Depression healing process.  This gives a client-centred approach and usually allows the person sitting in the office to get a sense of control about how they are feeling.

"As this topic is broad in spectrum, it has been seen many times in sessions when clients are exhibiting anxious or depressive feelings, they think in their mind they are going to die. If one was to associate the anxiety of the death process, there would be a cessation of breathing. In order to calm clients down, breathing techniques are taught which in turn creates a form of positive control and allows the individual at the time to realize they are still alive."

Various ways of Hypnotherapy have also been highly effective in creating success in client recoveries.  Scripting Hypnosis is a process where the therapist reads out scripts that deal with specific issues being presented.  This form of therapy is pivotal in creating a space where the client can calm the conscious mind down, open the subconscious, take in the suggestions that can switch the negative Anxiety or Depressive thinking process into a positive one.  It is here that the clients have learned what is called anchoring techniques.  This has been a way to teach the clients a certain move or a position that can be used outside of the Centre when they have a process of feeling anxious in their life.  The success of this technique is that it has effectively triggered clients back to feelings of calmness that they experienced in the Hypnosis chair during their sessions.

The second type of Hypnosis used to calm clients down requires a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  This uses more regressive techniques which takes the client back to the first time they experienced these symptoms and feelings.  Once it is discovered what the trigger is, then there is a process called reframing which changes the event in the repressed emotion and helps to heal the event that has been causing distress in the present time to the clients that was seeking the help.  This process can take a bit of time, however once found it is usually a great help to bringing balance back in the clients perspective.

Energy based therapies such as Chakra Balancing are also excellent in reducing panic, anxiety and depressive feelings.  The body is a store house of Anxiety triggers which also energetically repress emotions into physiological symptoms that can manifest as Psychosomatic experiences.  Breathing techniques, coupled with Body Psychotherapy/Somatic Therapy  are a great way to allow the body to bring itself back into equilibrium and therefore let go of the stored up emotional baggage that is bringing about the unbalanced feelings.

Call or email us to find out more which of these techniques will work for you and become like one of our many clients that have benefited substantially from reducing their Anxiety, Panic and Depressive feelings.

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