Weight Loss: Successes

25 Nov Weight Loss: Successes

The weight loss market is a multibillion dollar industry.  As consumers walking into a supermarket, there is a bombardment of diet products to contribute to the quest of reducing weight.  Television, the internet and popular culture magazines have portrayed actors and actresses as perfect individuals with porcelain doll style bodies.  This has put an immense amount of pressure onto society as a whole to be skinny, leading to many clients coming to see Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness over the years with issues such as; Emotional eating, body image distortions, negative self esteem, perfectionism and health situations such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Lynton Friedman is not a medical doctor and when clients choose Sanlyn Wellness to lose weight, the two therapies incorporated to reach their goals are Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  It is recommended that depending on the amount of weight loss and health concerns, that they check in with their doctor during the process.

"Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness has had a high success rate of clients shedding pounds and feeling better about themselves. It has been discovered with many years of counselling that individuals were focused on instantaneous gratification and have had to dispel this myth to them when it comes to shedding down the weight. Depending on how much weight is required to be taken off, the weight loss program can range from 6-15 sessions. Some clients have enjoyed the way therapies have been administered and stayed longer working on other issues that are beyond the realm of weight loss."

The important factor to remember that has created success with our clients was that weight had to be systematically reduced.  Usually 1.5-2.5 lbs were suggested through hypnotic suggestions to be lost on a weekly basis until the weight loss goal number had been reached. The client was made aware that the ultimate goal was the reduction of weight, however the process could be lengthy and in order not to get despondent, Lynton Friedman found that by allowing the clients to see small changes such as a pair of jeans becoming looser or a lessening of the impulse for a certain type of food, that the process was on track and the realistic goals were within reach.

Hypnotherapy was reinforced over a number of weeks with various different suggestions implemented into the subconscious mind, so as to change the habits that had been formed over many years.  Lynton has been well trained in inquiry and figuring out trigger points which contributed to the overall goal of losing weight.  Weight loss is multi faceted and underlying emotional factors such as perfectionism and self esteem play a huge role in negative processing.  Hypnotherapeutic suggestions were also used in conjunction with the goal setting numbers to produce a double whammy effect on the subconscious mind.

Psychotherapy has also highly effective in learning about the personalities of the clients that have come to see Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness.  Emotional eating was prevalent in many individuals that were taken through inquiry in the initial sessions.  Using talk therapy Lynton was able to see that with some clients that there was a correlations when they were lacking sweet interpersonal relationships, sugar became their substitute sweetness and when they were feeling bitter about life they chose to find salty potato chips as compensation.  Using this information, suggestions were incorporated into scripts to shift this processing.  Lynton Friedman is also able to do regressive Hypnotherapy and zoom into the first time they felt these feelings and change the mindset to a more positive outlook.  This has tended to reduce the level or desire for the food and certain flavour that is being craved.

If this resonates with you, call Sanlyn Wellness and Lynton Friedman would be glad to support you in getting you to feel better about how you see and view yourself.  Let us help you shed those beliefs and extra pounds.

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