Self Esteem: Successes

25 Nov Self Esteem: Successes

Sanlyn Wellness has had tremendous success dealing with a variety of issues related to self esteem and its branches of self worth, self confidence and self efficacy.  The constant variable that collectively deals with all of these above categories is the concept of positive reinforcement.

By changing the mindset and the way the clients see themselves is fundamental to a new belief system within the core of their being.  Lynton Friedman of  Sanlyn Wellness has used a mind, body and spiritual approach to his therapy success with clients.  Spiritually the concept of manifestation and affirmations has been applied to allow the clients to learn a new way of approaching how energetically through thought, there is vibration.  From this approach, what is in tented into the universe is picked up and put back into their energetic space.  Different techniques such as once a day affirmations are taught to clients.  This approach with guidance of past client improvements helps Lynton choose for the clients the appropriate time and place during the day to allow the positive reinforcement flow of letting go affirmations work into the awareness of their psyche, which in turn gets channeled into the universal consciousness and changes iceberg core beliefs.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are intertwined together when dealing with the self esteem arena.  From past client experiences with different ethnic backgrounds and age groups, there has been found to be a correlation that most of the issues of self esteem, self confidence, self worth and self efficacy came into awareness at an early age.  Using Psychotherapy, various talking techniques are used to assess where the clients level of esteem, confidence and worth are.  This is usually addressed with a series of questions and mini exercises in the Centre during the sessions.  Education of all the branches is also given in order for the client to understand whether their perception and cognition of a certain area is distorted.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool when dealing with self esteem.  Hypnosis shuts down most of the critical conscious thinking and the constant anxiety forming mind banter that as individuals we tend to have on a daily basis.  Sanlyn Wellness has many different scripts to change beliefs and create a higher degree of positive reinforcement.  Scripts that have been used in the past dealt with issues related to blushing, performance anxiety, promiscuity and feelings of neediness within relationships to name a few.  Each client that Lynton Friedman has seen over the many years in practice is individual and unique.  Although correlations form, the job of the Sanlyn Wellness practitioner has been to come up with specific scripts that are catered to each client’s needs within those sessions.

"Many of the issues started in childhood, therefore the concept of Inner Child work within the Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy modules to change beliefs have effectively been used with strong success rates. These forms of therapy have been about connecting to this energy and making friends with it in order to build trust and faith again. All these techniques when collectively used have been beneficial in seeing many changes in our clients over the years."

To put this into perspective, let us use an example of a client that came in to the Centre a few years ago.  To keep with confidentiality, the gender and age has been left out and details are minimal.  The client had issues with self esteem in social settings and relationships.  After much inquiry and deep unfolding of the issues using talk therapy, Hypnosis was used with positive effects.  A combination of ego strengthening techniques were imprinted into the subconscious and the inner child was taught to trust again with positive results.  The client got into a relationship and is much better in social settings.

If you are looking to increase your self esteem, self worth, self confidence or self efficacy, give Sanlyn Wellness a call today.

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