Smoking Cessation: Successes

25 Nov Smoking Cessation: Successes

Hypnosis and Psychotherapy are a great combination to allow clients at Sanlyn Wellness to quit smoking.  The smoking cessation program and techniques are highly effective at eliminating the smoking habit.  One of the key variables to define if clients are suitable for the stop smoking program is to inquire before they even enter the Centre, whether through email or phone consultation how serious they are about quitting smoking.  A scale of 1-10 is asked, with 10 being the highest.  If the number is below 7, it is explained to the prospective client that Hypnotherapy works more effectively when the there is a higher degree of willingness to eliminate the habit.  Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness has had a high success rate of getting clients to stop smoking because he is ethical and not just looking to bring anyone into the space.  Lynton prides himself on being serious about seeing clients achieve their goals and works with them to achieve long lasting results like so many satisfied clients in the past.

"With any type of Hypnotherapy process, the quieting of the mind chatter is a strong barometer for the success of the program. Every client that comes to Sanlyn Wellness has a differing degree of how strong their conscious mind is and how receptive their subconscious mind can be to suggestions for habit change. Without giving away specific details, examples are provided in this context that are generic as to protect the confidentiality of the clients."

Sanlyn Wellness has had clients eliminate smoking 25 cigarettes a day in as little as 1 session by closely listening to their reasons for wanting to end their smoking habit.  Some of the reasons were health related, while others were new relationships or the birth of a child etc.  Compassion and listening by Lynton were instrumental in allowing clients to feel safe and secure.  This made it easier for specific suggestions to be implemented, which had been discussed during the initial inquiry phase of the session.  There were however times where the conscious mind had deep and intense defenses in place that made it more difficult to stop smoking after 1 session.  There were some clients that had taken up to 4 sessions to quit smoking only 7-8 cigarettes a day because as mentioned above the defenses were stronger and the need to control situations were more focused in the forefront.  This is where Psychotherapy is used to figure out why the defenses are being resistant to change.  Lynton Friedman is well trained in both modalities and the combination of the techniques usually leads to a good result for the clients.  Reinforcement is also key to success of the suggestions sinking into the core subconscious part of the brain.

Lynton Friedman looks at the ROI, this is the rate of return on the investment.  With a high success rate at Sanlyn Wellness and not a huge amount being spent through the program, you are going to be saving a lot of money and improving your health over the long run.  To provide an example of this, let us use a client who smokes 25 cigarettes a day at $10.00/pack.  Take 7 days of the week and you are looking at $70.00 per week.  Take the $70.00 and times it by 4 and you are spending $280.00 a month.  Take $280.00 and times it by 12 and you have $3360.00 a year.  Take $3360.00 and times it by 12 years and you have $40,320.00 to spend on vacations, renovations for the house or to put into a retirement plan to name a few things.

Call us to find out more about the smoking cessation program and we would be glad to answer your questions.

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