Stress Reduction & Pain Management: Successes

25 Nov Stress Reduction & Pain Management: Successes

Stress clients brought into sessions from their daily lives is one of the biggest issues that Lynton Friedman at Sanlyn Wellness has dealt with during many years in private practice.  Stress builds up over time and once it pokes its head into awareness, the havoc that it creates sets off a chain reaction of erratic behaviours. Many reasons and life events create stress.  It could be divorce proceedings, relationship and communication breakdown, a death of a close relative, time management imbalances between family/work life or job related dissatisfaction to name just a few reasons.  Sanlyn Wellness has seen all of these above issues and has successfully helped guide many clients back to a more balanced and less stress free lifestyle.

"Sanlyn Wellness has had success with clients because of empathy and listening very carefully to what is occurring in the clients lives. The role of Lynton Friedman is to guide the clients, by allowing them to piece back together the puzzle of negative emotions they feel in a more positive healthy manner."

Psychotherapy has been particularly useful in this arena because often times clients are so wound up that they do not have time to feel or breathe.  One way Lynton helped clients was by getting them to connect to their feelings through some Body Psychotherapy techniques.  These can be explored more fully in sessions at the Centre.  Breathing exercises are also taught to allow the clients to bring themselves back into homeostasis and these have been shown to help improve clarity.  With some of the fog lifted, personal space and boundary techniques were reinforced with the clients allowing for a less reactive response to people around them.  This in turn tends to help reduce pain in the body which can be a natural reaction to the body being out of balance.  Clients are also taught to take some time to themselves so they can actually feel the changes taking place.

Hypnotherapy is another phenomenal tool to use when clients have been stressed.  General relaxation and anchoring techniques were used to create stress reduction success for the clients that Lynton had seen.  Teaching the mind to switch off could be difficult.  Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing thoughts and in fact some clients have actually over the years wanted to stay in the Hypnosis process because it is the first time in a while that they had actually chosen to quiet down their mind to a peep.  Lynton Friedman would naturally bring them back into waking awareness.  Nobody can indefinitely stay in a hypnotic state.  Hypnosis has also been beneficial in allowing the clients to find trigger emotions that were sometimes causing psychosomatic pain in the body.  Sanlyn Wellness has used a number of Hypnotherapy techniques to reduce the pain to in order to find some of the repressed emotions that may be bringing about the stress and anxiety which comes with pain in the body, mind and spirit.

Lynton Friedman and his extensive experience has shown using both the modalities mentioned above in this article to have been the most effective way to keep the stress levels at bay. Sanlyn Wellness does keep in mind that some people may be adverse to Hypnosis and Lynton has been good at educating the effects of using this technique to reinforce the positivity.

If you are interested in becoming less stressed and are looking for a therapist with experience to teach you how to make your life simpler and less reactive.  Call today or email to find out more about whether these techniques can work for you.

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