Throat Chakra: Communication & Creativity

10 Nov Throat Chakra: Communication & Creativity

  • Are you feeling like you are unable to express yourself in relationships or work environments?
  • Are you feeling like your job is burning you out and not enjoyable?
  • Are you feeling like you are stuck procrastinating and unable to move yourself forward in life?


If any of these above statements resonate to you, there is a strong possibility your Throat Chakra is blocked or stuck energetically. A chakra definition is provided below:

Chakra in Ancient Sanskrit translates to circle or wheel. Chakra Balancing is part of the Integrated Energy Healing body. This spectrum encompasses New Age Therapy and focuses on how the auric and spiritual bodies express repressed emotions. Auric and Spiritual bodies are energies that we all transmit throughout different frequencies. Depending on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state, there can be blockages in the overall flow of the aforementioned states. This can result in an imbalance in your overall well-being.

The throat chakra is represented by a pale blue colour and focuses on communication and creativity. Often times when clients come to Sanlyn for Hypnosis or Psychotherapy to do with procrastination, job dissatisfaction and relationship issues, there is a strong correlation to communication and creativity issues and it is here where Lynton Friedman educated clients on Chakra Balancing.

"This chakra deals with emotional issues related to how one feels they can express themselves and how much they portray themselves being invisible in life. It also takes into account whether a person is holding themselves back from success by stifling their creative side."

Once the communication and creativity are unleashed using intuitively guided Energy Healing mixed with Body Psychotherapy and Spiritual Healing, the effects and changes are seen to jump immensely and the client over a short period of time opens new doorways and paths to an improved self. Some techniques that compliment the energy healing after doing a Throat Chakra balancing is to get the client to open their awareness by doing actions for themselves.

Affirmations are a huge and instrumental part of communication because it increases the self esteem/self worth of an individual and allows that person to feel more competent and good about themselves alongside actually using vocal expression in a positive manner. Secondly, getting a client to write, draw or paint is a great vessel to opening them up. It really does not matter whether a masterpiece or a stick figure is created, it is the act of following through with the action that makes the energy of the newly opened throat channel clearer and focused for growth and movement forward.

If you are curious about the process above, call or email Sanlyn Wellness and we will be glad to help you communicate and create more effectively.

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