4 Reasons Why People Don’t Want to see a Therapist

20 Jan 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Want to see a Therapist

Therapy is a taboo subject to many, a sign of weakness and the media has through various genres shown that getting help is for mentally ill people. This article is going to debunk a few common misconceptions and inform you of the positive benefits of connecting with a trained therapeutic professional who can guide you back to happiness and self control when life has gotten the better of you.

 Many people think that…

1. Therapy is for people who are suffering from a mental illness, are strange or going crazy.

This is the furthest from the truth. Therapy is a process whereby you engage with a non-bias counselor who is not part of your daily life, who guides you to see that your situations are not as dire as you once thought. The therapist uses compassion, empathy and thus allows you to realize that you are not alone, crazy or weird. Most people who seek out counseling at Sanlyn Wellness are not weak and work hard to get results of increased self growth, improved coping mechanisms and most importantly clarification of situations as though it is being looked at through a clear glass window.

2. Therapy is too expensive and money could be used elsewhere.

Sanlyn Wellness realizes that out of pocket therapy can become expensive over an extended period. The goal of counseling at the Centre is not to make clients dependent on therapy sessions, however teach coping techniques and thus be able to effectively use them once you are feeling empowered and back in control.

When making a decision to seek a therapeutic relationship, factor in the R.O.I. (rate of return on your investment). For example if you do 16 sessions over a 4 month period, your investment is around $1750.00. This can turn out to be alot cheaper than losing your job because of a debilitating emotional paralysis or an expensive divorce because your partner is about to walk out on you due to communication shutdown. Some extended health plans also cover some services at Sanlyn as an adjunct to your investment.

3. Therapy is going to get me dependent on medications.

Sanlyn Wellness does not work with medications, however we have a responsibility to suggest or refer other medical practitioners if the scope is beyond our expertise. Years of counseling experience has shown that talk therapy is an effective mode of allowing clients to feel balance, growth and advancement. Sometimes the best medicine is laughter.

4. Therapy has not worked in the past.

The best way to describe looking for a good therapeutic counselor is to correlate the process to buying a new car. You are not going to buy a car from the dealership without testing it to see that it is comfortable for you. If therapy has not worked for you in the past, either you were not ready for it or the fit and therapeutic style was wrong for you. Sanlyn Wellness has a compassionate approach to make clients feel safe, non judged and secure. We believe that the investment of 1 session is all that it takes to see if our counseling is for you.

Call or email today to book an appointment. Our experience will guide you to a happier and more fulfilled you.




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