Tips to Quit Smoking

22 Jan Tips to Quit Smoking

As one year ends and a new year nips at its heels. There is no better time to throw out the old and bring in the new. What a wonderful feeling it would be to have 2012 begin with a resolution to be a non-smoker. This article will identify a few tips and give rationale to the quit smoking process.

The first and foremost reason to quit smoking is the health effects. The best way to approach this is to project yourself into the future and visualize what you would look and feel like if you continued the smoking habit. Create some shock stimulus such as; brown teeth, breathing difficulties, wrinkled skin, no energy and smelliness from the stale smoke in your clothing and hair. People are afraid of getting older and smoking has been shown to increase the potential for premature aging and breathing related health issues.

Money is another big factor. Take a scenario of a person who smokes 25 cigarettes a day at $10.00 per package. That works out to $70.00 weekly, $280.00 monthly, $3360.00 a year and over 10 years it comes to $33,600.00

"Take a $10.00 bill, flush it down the toilet and see how fast it vanishes. Step back, take a breath and then imagine that money you flushing away on a bad habit, instead being used for a down payment on a property, R.R.S.P. investments or even a dream vacation. The extra cash could also release you of any financial stress you may be feeling."

Quitting smoking can be extremely challenging. Hypnosis is a highly effective technique to change the belief system. This would be the first step to the stop smoking habit. Adjunct to Hypnosis, an excellent idea is to find a supportive companion whether it is a life partner, work colleague or friend to help you through the frustration. This person may want to quit smoking themselves at the same time or be someone that has positive energy to send you when the going gets tough.

Cigarette smoking can be ritualistic. Often time’s smokers say they get a high from taking out a smoke, touching it and lighting it up. This is the ritual behaviour. If one is to consider a habit as ritualistic then the best tip to be offered is to find something else to touch that does not create health issues such as picking up a glass and drinking a sip of water as an alternative or getting a straw to hold in order to mimic the shape of the cigarette.

We often complain that there is not enough time in the day to balance our work, family and social responsibilities. Imagine the time wasted in a day on a pack of cigarettes at 5 minutes a smoke. That is just over 2 hours a day that could be used for other activities such as; gym, homework or communication time. This would greatly reduce your time management stress.

The last tip is to figure out a time frame as the final day of your smoking and stick to it. Use your integrity and follow through with it. Sanlyn Wellness has had extensive experience using Hypnosis and Psychotherapy to aid in the elimination of the smoking habit for good.

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