Performance Anxiety

11 Nov Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety is an area of the worry and fear spectrum that leads to adverse reactions of the person in respect of a particular activity they are about to embark on. Sanlyn Wellness has had many years of experience working with various aspects of this particularly debilitating anxiety issue, whether it is stage performance, work team leadership forums or even having an intimate encounter with a partner.

"Observation of clients over a number of years who have been suffering from this type of Anxiety shows that this fear and worry is rooted in wounds of childhood which is brought out through Inner Child dialoguing and Meditative style Hypnosis techniques. The effects of the stress it places on the mind, body and spirit is much like the stone that is thrown into a river."

As the stone hits the water, you see a rippling effect of rings that spread out. The ripple causes irrational thinking and many clients sessions are consumed with the idea that if this is not taken care of immediately their lives are over and catastrophic effects are going to happen. The obsessive thoughts of not being good enough create the feeling of being frozen and stuck in the mud syndrome and worst case scenarios are played over and over like a broken record player.

The key to helping and guiding the individuals in this situation is to get them to see that it is something that is easily fixable with a bit of investigation and empathic counseling. The individuals are taught that it is not an immediate one session quick fix and a few sessions will be required in order to take a step by step approach of bringing the irrational thinking within a framework of talk therapy and effective coping techniques. The first step is to get the individuals to discuss the issue or issues in depth, look for key factors, words and actions that give clues to the trigger points of the excessive worry. The second step is then to do calming techniques which will allow the individual to feel more in positive control of their thoughts and lastly the final step/technique is to get the client in a deeper relaxed state, which then allows a dialogue with their wounded child to take place to find out why they are feeling scared, worried and alone.

Sanlyn Wellness has seen remarkable shifts and changes in clients with public speaking, team group work, exam anxiety and sexual dysfunction to name a few. If you feel this article resonates to you and would like to explore in more detail the techniques, call or email Sanlyn Wellness and we will be glad to assist you towards moving to a happier and less stressed out you.

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