Couples Counselling: Successes

19 Nov Couples Counselling: Successes

Relationships are challenging at the best of times as there are two individuals presenting situations with different belief systems from family of origin upbringings that are so wide apart.  Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn Wellness has had experience guiding clients to find balance in the Couples Counselling arena.  The choice of the word arena is specific to this area of therapy as it has often felt like in the initial stages of this process that Lynton has had to be the referee in the boxing ring.

The style of therapy that Lynton Friedman used in Relationship Counselling was an approach of effective listening and being an impartial mediator to the situations being presented in the sessions.  One of the key success strategies was to have the two parties make direct eye contact with one another and talk to each other while observations were made with the intention of bridging the gaps of the issues that were presented.  Another variable that was brought clearly into awareness was the concept of invaders within relationships.  These concepts can be discussed more in detail within sessions at the Centre.

"Couples Counselling at Sanlyn Wellness is slightly different from individual counselling as the empathic approach is too soft. More directive therapy is essential for the success of keeping the relationship together. All avenues are explored to see if there are solutions to bring resolution or a spark back into the relationship or marriage. The success rate of being able to keep the relationship moving forward in a healthy manner has been high. "

One example of a success story was Lyntons first ever Couples Counselling session at the early stages of his therapeutic career. Due to confidentiality, the story and details will be so sparse so as to keep the identities from being discovered.  To sum the relationship in one sentence, the wife was at her wits end with her husband and was ready to walk out of the relationship.  As this was at the beginning of my practice, I was in my late 20’s and the clients were almost double my age.  I clearly remember the husband saying to me in a stern voice, “How are you going to help us, you have no life experience and are so younger than we have been married”.  I composed myself and responded with “All I ask of you is to sit in here for one session, if I am not what you are looking for, feel free to seek out another counsellor”.  I am excited to say that working together  with both of them and then individually for a short time, that that couple is still together and in a healthier relationship than they had ever been.

Communication and the language of love are vital for Couples Counselling.  From past experiences with this type of therapy, knowing what your partner is looking for in the form of love is so important for growth.  Another success that has been effective in allowing couples to reconcile is the concepts of Independence and Interdependence in the relationship.

If you are struggling to find balance with your partner, feeling overwhelmed of under-appreciated in your relationship, give Sanlyn Wellness a call or email us to set up an appointment.

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