Fear & Phobias: Successes

05 Oct Fear & Phobias: Successes

Phobias are elevated fears that often tend to be irrational, however for past clients of Lynton Friedman, these exacerbated thought processes tend to be real and often times debilitating.  Fears and Phobias are much like a pebble being thrown into a river.  Once the stone hits the water, it creates a rippling effect that projects itself in an outward motion.  These thoughts which create the frightening reactions lead to Anxiety and higher than normal levels of stress.

"Lynton Friedman has worked with a number of different phobias at Sanlyn Wellness, some of which included; Flying, other forms of public transit, social phobia, public speaking and blushing. The key to the success of improving these clients was to first address the Anxiety and then move the pebble thoughts inwards as opposed to outwards. By focusing on reversing the thoughts, this helped to unfold the triggers, thus allowing the layers to be explored in more detail, allowing the unconscious patterning to brought into conscious awareness where it could be reframed or shifted."

With many of the other emotional issues that are addressed at Sanlyn Wellness, a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy were administered to get the best results in a short time frame.  Since the brain does not know what is real or imagined when it comes to Phobias, the mind of the clients had to be retrained.  Lynton Friedman used a number of techniques to allow this to occur.  Using Hypnotherapy, there was some desensitization methods which were generally quick and highly effective from former client experiences.  Some clients responded to this approach within the first and second session.  Some clients however were more resistant as their element of control tended to be much stronger causing the repressed trauma to become more deeply embedded in the psyche.  It is here that sometimes regressive Hypnotherapy was used to find the very first time that feeling took place and get that part of the mind to know it was ok at that age to feel this way, however as an adult it is not benefiting them anymore.  This method has also shown to be much quicker at creating changes than traditional therapeutic methods.

Using traditional methods such as Psychotherapy to gain information that was important for suggestions in Hypnosis is vital.  This has proven to be successful in reducing panic and anxiety feelings in clients who were afraid to make changes or step into arenas that reinforce their phobias.  Breathing techniques were taught to bring calmness to the mind while the clients were  in conscious states of awareness.  By teaching breathing, there was a definite degree of positive control brought back into the clients perspective. Lynton Friedman has noticed dramatic client improvements using this process.

Sanlyn Wellness has seen clients who require travel for work successfully get on an airplane and make the flight with little to no emotional stress.  Lynton has seen clients who had physiological symptoms disappear when they got up in front of an audience to do public speaking.  The above modalities were instrumental in creating the shifts. Many clients entered the Centre feeling that their lives were falling apart to find that when they were done, there was hope and optimism as they challenged their fears and phobias with courage.  It is so rewarding to see clients changes from the beginning to the end of the therapy process.

If you are struggling with a high degree of fear or a phobia that keeps you stuck in one spot, call or email Sanlyn Wellness and let Lynton begin the first step in breaking you free of the shackles that are holding you down.

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