3 Vital Tips To Improving Self Esteem

12 Feb 3 Vital Tips To Improving Self Esteem

Have you ever experienced a situation where you stare down at the ground because you are ashamed of how you look? Have you ever been in a social setting and felt that you have nothing to say because you do not feel good enough? Have you ever been given a compliment only to mimimize it because you feel insecure about yourself? If these statements resonate with you, Sanlyn Wellness has some guidance techniques to help you build up your self esteem and confidence levels.

1. Focus on your strengths

From an early age many of my clients were taught by perhaps well meaning individuals around them that they were not pretty enough, that they were to fat or socially awkward. This over time created a situation where their brain was in a constant on switch mode of negative spiral thinking. This in turn created a belief system of low self esteem.

This technique requires you to look at one or two things that you are good at in your life. Everyone has some spark of creativity and therefore it’s essential to go into yourself and find that gift that you have and focus your energy on bringing it out. Often giving yourself a pat on your shoulders or thumbs up is a good way to reinforce that your mind is shifting the negative to a positive and ultimately turning the on switch to off mode.

2. Accept compliments and turn them into affirmations

One of the greatest downfalls of having a lack of self esteem is the desire to minimize compliments at all costs. The technique that is going to be used here for this issue is rather simple and actually quite easy. When given a compliment instead of going into thinking mode and defensive posturing, simply say THANK YOU.

Following that, then take the compliment that was given and turn it into an affirmation that can be said up to 25 times a day. An affirmation of a compliment can be a statement such as, “I have beautiful eyes that radiate kindness and beauty”. This technique focuses your energetic thoughts onto you rather than someone else.

3. Create boundaries and get rid of negative people in your life

Often individuals who have self esteem issues tend to connect with people that bully and control them. This in turn gives the other person power over them and increases the likelihood of allowing the self esteem to spiral into a tail spin of negative emotions. Boundaries are ways that you take control of your life and implement who can enter into your personal space.

This technique allows you to empower yourself. This in essence allows you to get rid of the feeling that you are not good enough through the bullying and generally abusive situations that you may find yourself entering into with people that are close to you or you have grown up with. The key is to focus on this positive action and be around people that make you feel good, that are uplifting and supportive of you.

This article is a small snapshot of a few techniques that are used at Sanlyn to improve clients self esteem issues. Contact the Centre by email of call to find out more of how we can get you to an empowered state of positive self esteem.

Call or email today to book an appointment. Our experience will guide you to a happier and more fulfilled you.

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