Painting: The Art of Relaxation & Creativity

10 Nov Painting: The Art of Relaxation & Creativity

Sanlyn has over the years worked with a number of clients who have had high degrees of Anxiety and have lost the spark of their creative potential. Often after a Chakra Balancing session has been done, the neck area has been shown to have energy channel imbalances.

These imbalances can sometimes be unblocked using various Energy Therapy techniques. One other way Lynton Friedman of Sanlyn works with this issue is to suggest the client begin to paint as a way of flowing the energy into that area. With this suggestion comes resistance because often time’s clients think they are not talented enough to draw or paint.

"Education is key to the resistance. Teaching the client that art is subjective is the key to unlocking the flow of creation. "

What is meant by subjective is that one piece of art shown to 3 different individuals will elicit a different reaction from each of them and the observations of the 3 people are neither right nor wrong. Once this is explained, it seems to settle down the client and the seed of creating has been instilled into the psyche.

The settling effect then leads the discussion of painting and creating as an important tool for relaxation and meditation. The colours chosen by clients represent their state of mind, their emotional being and the focus on the piece brings a tunnel type processing where the mind goes into an elevated state of concentration that allows the individual to forget about the anxiety and other worries of the day. This calming effect is quite similar to a mild state of Hypnosis. The closest example of this would be someone at home watching a television show and tuning out to the world around them.

This relaxed state slows down the thinking process, calms the blood flow and most importantly clears the mind to allow the subconscious to come out and ultimately chose the creation that is best resonated to your energy at that time as well as your creativity.

If you are interested in learning more about chakra balancing, painting as a relaxation tool and the colours connected to both modalities, email or call Sanlyn Wellness to book an appointment.

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