Trust: Building the Bridge

06 Oct Trust: Building the Bridge

This article begins with a story about a boy who felt the yearning to cross the river from the west to the east bank. This pull of the unknown was so strong, the boy knew what lay on the other side was a treasure trove. There were many obstacles that lay in his path and these issues of self doubt, low confidence and limited trust that the universal flow would get him to the place he knew waited for him.

He began to walk downstream and all he heard in his conscious mind was a voice of fear telling him that he would never be able to cross the river and that he was crazy and living in a fantasy world thinking treasure lay in a box waiting for him. He attempted to tell the voice to quiet down, however the loudness of these thoughts echoed through the path he continued to walk down.

The noise began to get too much for him and he decided to rest amongst a beautiful willow tree, laying against the trunk for support. He fell asleep and while sleeping had a magical dream that he was as light as a feather and had the ability to beat all that was thrown into his path that day. The boy woke up and he continued to venture down to calmer part of the river and he knew in his heart that this was where he needed to be in order to make it across.

As he got closer, he stood frozen in his tracks as a Grizzly bear standing seven feet tall was blocking his movement forward. The bear moved forward with its paws open and let out a menacing grunt. The boy stepped back a few steps, thoughts rushed through his head. He felt he would never make it to the other side. He questioned the yearning within his heart and a waterfall of negative analysis overwhelmed his mind. He thought he was going to die and he was ready to give up, when an outstretched eagle flew overhead and dropped a feather. With the speed of a lighting bolt, the dream that he had earlier rushed through his being, the bear was startled by the eagle above and turned around and walked away.

The boy got to the calmer part of the river and knew he had to cross at this point. He mustered up all his strength, stepped forward four steps after being put back three steps by the bear and entered the water. Suddenly a rush of water overwhelmed the boy and he knew he was going under. The feeling of not being able to breathe constricted his movements and he was just about to give up when a few curious beavers built him a bridge made of wood they had collected and gently pushed him through the water until he was able to grab a branch and pull himself to safety.

The boy lay on the bridge in amazement and disbelief that this day had brought him so many lows, yet he had made it to the other side of the river. He was dehydrated and exhausted when he noticed in front of him a gorgeous young female giving his some water and telling him that all would be fine.

The boy knew this was why he had to cross the river, the yearning was not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the treasure was the girl that attended to him and he realized this was his destiny.

The boy was faced with so many obstacles, he could have given up, yet deep in his unconscious there was a driving force pushing him forward. The faith of his trust within allowed him to continue this journey and he was rewarded with a wonderful life ahead.

This story is about the clients that come to Sanlyn Wellness. They feel they have hit the dark, the world is not their friend and they need to find the light. Trust is the key element to growth, it allows the voice of self doubt to disappate and the inner faith within you to recharge.

Sanlyn Wellness can work with you to be like the boy, overcome all your obstacles and get you into that space where life feels more clear and comfortable to you. Email or call to book an appointment and we will guide you to a happier space.

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