The Tree of Life Metaphor

06 Oct The Tree of Life Metaphor

The Tree of Life – A Metaphorical Journey of Psychological, Emotional & Spiritual Growth

The tree is the growth process that we as individuals go on, in our evolvement through this journey of our soul which encompasses our psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects. The tree begins as a seed, untarnished, simple and free. It holds all our gifts of creativity, awareness and intuition which are lying dormant within us. The seed roots itself into the earth, grounding its abilities and uses the nutrients of the collective universe to feed off of. The nutrients of the earth are much like parents giving formula to allow us to keep learning, moving and evolving.

The trunk is our system, the vital avenue for flow within our bodies. The branches are different paths and lessons we chose to take and go on in our lifetimes. The leaves are cycles we go through, whether it be relationships to intimate others, family or friends. The leaves and branches are one of the same. Some stay, some fly away, some fall, some are longer than others. These are the relationships to the ones we meet in our lives. This is where free will and choice comes into play.

"The tree is our instinctive nature, it holds all of our evolution and evolvement of our soul’s lifetimes. The trunk is the base of the unconscious, it holds all our cellular memories of lifetimes. It is where we start our new process and the imprints of circles show the lessons, trials and tribulations of who, what and where we come from."

There is no tree that is ever alike. There is always imperfection within the trees structure. Perfection can never ever be attained. The tree holds all, the flaws, the ego, the soul and all of our other good qualities. The tree with all its different parts creates the integrated parts of who we are. It holds the anima and animus (the masculine, feminine and balance qualities), which Carl Jung spoke about in his theories on personality and growth. The female side is the right part of the tree and the masculine side is the left part of the tree. The female is the being aspect of us and the masculine is the doing aspect of us. This area needs to be heavily nurtured in order for growth to take place as imbalance can create a hurricane of potential possibilities which can endanger the tree from being uprooted out of the ground.

The tree is our nature, our desires and our own individual processes. All trees are separate, they have a need to survive, however all are connected as one. Some trees feed off others, while other trees repel one another. The final result is they are individual experiences leading into one. The rings and circles are the coils, they are the DNA and the spirals of life. They all lead into one large collective mass soul.

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